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Article from Quantum Momentum - Vol. IV - Unveiling the Potential of Color


 If you have been in to recharge at TQR lately you might have noticed the rainbow of eyeglasses we have by Dr. Rick’s corner. Read on to learn about color therapy and why it has become a useful part of Dr. Rick’s tools and instruments.


              It is easy to overlook the phenomena that is occurring allowing for the visually rich sensory experience of life. Color is actually just our visual perception of the electromagnetic spectrum. Most humans can see around 1 million colors. While this is certainly a lot of colors, visible light only makes up 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum (EM Spectrum) which is made up of all known electromagnetic radiation in the universe (“Visible Light…NNSA, 2018).

 This is why we can’t see things like UV Rays, radio waves, microwaves or scalar waves.

            Chromotherapy is considered an alternative medicine treatment that has been around for nearly 1,000 years. The theory is that our brain waves are affected by certain colors. Color therapy is said to provide various benefits based on the color selected including: Increased relaxation, increased happiness, higher confidence in speaking, ease stress, aid sleep disorders, aid depression, aid anxiety, and high blood pressure. Additionally, colored glasses can be helpful for people when experiencing headaches and migraines.

     There are even different types of color filters that can aid reading for people with dyslexia. By making it appear that the text is on a colored background, the text is able to stand out. Furthermore, colored glasses work by altering “the wavelength of each color, re-calibrating the speed that signals are passed” (Slocombe, 2021) from the eye to the brain. Colors can be used to selectively change the speed of information “to balance the wearer’s perception of text.” The reason some people find it hard to read black text on a white background is because “their visual cortex is very sensitive to certain wavelengths.” When people with dyslexia or visual stress read black text with a colorful overlay over it, the text becomes clearer.

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