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Article from Quantum Momentum Vol. II - What's the Deal With the Music?

Binaural Sound Therapy (BST) and Music Therapy (MT), uses different sound signals which are delivered to each ear via headphones. The brain connects both frequencies to create an additional tone called a binaural beat or sound that stimulates both hemispheres of the brain.

There is evidence that BST enhances neuroplasticity, by stimulating the inner ear muscles, while redirecting neural connections in the brain, creating new neural pathways.

Sound therapy has been used for a very long time dating back to ancient Greece. People used music, chanting, drums and buildings built to harness frequencies, to heal physical, physiological and mental illnesses. Benefits provided by Binaural Sound Therapy and Music Therapy include: accessing meditative flow states, lower stress hormones, increased focus, aids with sleep and relaxation, boosts mood, assists with pain management, helps with anxiety, and fosters creativity.

At Terra Quantum Recharge, we play an album that plays 432 Hz and 528 Hz by Feed Your Soul. This particular frequency resonates with DNA and couples with the Energy Enhancement System to foster a deeper positive effect.



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