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Article from Newsletter Quantum Momentum - Vol. III - Harmonizing Health: Exploring Grounding, Energy Enhancement, and the Zero-Point-Field

When I was a little girl, I would see my father exit the home office and reach for the floor with a groan. He would then lay on his back, with his knees bent and feet flat on the floor, with his arms out like a “T” enjoying a well-deserved break from the responsibilities of adulting. It was his way of destressing, and I would often copy as children do. Neither of us knew it at the time but laying on the ground is one of the most effective ways to destress.  It seems simple, but the benefits are scientifically sound. Most of us reading this are blessed enough to enjoy modern luxuries such as shoes, cars, airplanes, lifted beds, high rise buildings, and plush carpet floors but with those luxuries comes a drawback - we lose connection with the Earth. If we were phones, the Earth would be our charger. There are exceptions to the luxuries we love so much: EES and other grounding blankets and mats you may know, provide a luxe and innovative way to destress within a controlled environment (i.e. no fire ants biting our bare feet in 100°F temperatures), but more on this later.

  The science behind grounding has to do with the Earth’s surface being covered in free flowing and excited electrons. When we stand barefoot on the ground, the electrons are absorbed through the meridians and pressure points of our feet. These meridians are like highways of electrical currents in our bodies. The benefits of grounding include reduced inflammation, accelerated wound healing, eased insomnia, increased immunity, boosted energy and reduced stress. An article published by NIH states, “Accumulating experiences and research on earthing, or grounding, point to the emergence of a simple, natural, and accessible health strategy against chronic inflammation, warranting the serious attention of clinicians and researchers.” (Oschman, et. al., 2015). 

             A key component of grounding is called the Schumann resonance, sometimes referred to as the Earth’s heartbeat; it is the field of resonance that exists between the Earth’s surface and a layer of the atmosphere. It works by coupling with solar radiation to produce a high number of free-flowing ions and electrons. These electrons are replenished every time a lightning bolt strikes somewhere on the Earth. It is well accepted within the holistic health community that grounding has a positive correlation with our own brain states. 

          If the Schumann field is how we get recharged on Earth, Einstein's Zero-Point Field is how the universe gets recharged. It’s called Zero-Point Field because it is present even at temperatures of absolute zero. It is where all frequencies are present and exist in balance and harmony. In lay man’s terms, there exists within the Zero-Point Field both the presence and absence of all possibilities. The Zero-Point Field has many benefits and comes as a result of the scalar waves. If we set a specific positive intention upon settling into an EES session, the energy of the Zero-Point-Field has the capacity to materialize the chosen intention. As one of our members shared with an esoteric expression, “People don’t realize what a playground this is."



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