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Remote Sessions

Remote healing is healing at the quantum level.  When you place a physical photograph of someone in the EESystem the energy field balances them and finds them.  Just like frequency can find your cell phone, wherever that person is in the world their body responds. So if you can’t make it to our Recharge Studio you can still recharge and get benefits of the EESystem.
How it works: Once you sign up you and choose to enroll in the remote session you will be asked to send us a photo of you or whomever you wish to receive healing and the info below.
Accurate information on the member is vital.
  • We must have the full Name AT BIRTH (the maiden name for women). Please SPELL it clearly.
  • We need the full birth date and place of birth. Please SPELL the name of the city or town and clearly name the state, and the country if it is not in the US.
  • Please write this information On the photo.  
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