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Terra Quantum Recharge is the worlds Largest, 6,000 sq ft, EES facility. Featuring The 24 Energy Enhancement System, invented by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael.

40 recliners and 8 beds are encapsulated in the custom-built and precisely installed units and screens, which generate the multiple bio-active, health-promoting energy fields, including a proprietary blend of multi-active frequencies like scalar waves, bio-photonic fusion, pulsed electromagnetic fields, and more.

Dr. Michael believes that the more people in the scalar room, the better. The collective energy helps to further raise the frequency in the room, therefore leading to an enhanced experience.

In the Recharge Studio we have Vollara air and surface purifiers running at all times.  Vollara, invented by NASA, kills bacteria and pathogens in the room such as E. coli, MRSA, Salmonella, and more.

We offer complementary trace mineral shots, spring water, eye masks, and ear plugs. No cellphones are allowed in the Recharge Studio and distractions are monitored to ensure everyone has a peaceful experience. 

*Wheelchair and handicapped accessible bathrooms are available at any point throughout your session.
*Please note that our space is not suitable for animals.
*Sundays are days for kiddos, those with disabilities, Autism, Dementia, and Alzheimer's. Sunday by appt only via text @ 512-444-2007.

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